Monday, September 12, 2011


Stark Naked Wings- Brined, seasoned with our special dry rub, then fried. Served naked because you won't be missing the sauce.     8 for 10

Deep Fried Pretzel- Deep fried Servatii's pretzel topped with pimento cheese    10

Greek Flatbread- Provolone, goat cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, onion, tomato, roasted garlic, olives.   10

Veggie Shawarma Dip- served with cucumbers, olives, roasted chickpeas, and naan.   8

Fried Green Tomato- Panko breaded and topped with roasted red pepper purée, goat cheese, and basil.  8

Meatballs- Our famous meatballs, Toni's tomato sauce, and crostinis.   8

Buffalo Deviled Eggs- Deep fried, buffalo filling, topped with ranch.  10

Soup & Salad

Soup of the moment- made daily 
Cup 4.5 | Bowl 8

House Salad- Mixed greens, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, shredded cheddar, croutons.  Small 5 | Large 8

TAB Salad- Mixed greens, roasted turkey, avocado, bacon, ranch.   12

Green Goddess Kale Caesar- Kale, Romano cheese, croutons, green goddess Caesar dressing.  10   Add chicken 5 | Add salmon

Roasted Beet Salad- Arugula, roasted beets, mandarin oranges, goat cheese, toasted almonds, chili maple mustard vinaigrette.    12    Add chicken 5 | Add salmon

Spicy Ginger Quinoa Salad- Mix greens, quinoa, broccoli, red peppers, toasted almonds, spicy ginger dressing.  10      Add chicken 5 | Add salmon


Served with Grippo BBQ chips. Upgrade to a side upon request 

The Notorious P.I.G.- Beer braised pork belly, BBQ sauce, pimento cheese, pickled red onion, on a toasted bun.   10

Fried Green Tomato B.L.T.- Bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato, sun dried tomato aioli, on toasted sourdough.    10

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, Hoagie Roll, Tomato Soup   12

Meatball Hero- Our famous meatballs, provolone, Toni's tomato sauce, on a hoagie bun.    12 

Green Goddess Chicken Caesar Wrap- Kale, chicken, red onion, sun dried tomato, croutons, Romano cheese, green goddess Caesar dressing, in a wrap.    12


What makes our burgers so special? We are glad you asked. There are many reasons but here are a few: We don’t grill our buns, we toast them. Did we mention they were from Sixteen Bricks Artisan Bakery? Our ground beef is a custom made blend of chuck, short rib and Wagyu made especially for Arnold’s by Avril Bleh Butchers. Plus, we rest the burgers and we have secret sauce but you will have to ask your server what that means.

Arnold's Burger- American cheese, lettuce, red onion, Arnold's burger sauce.  11

Yo Mama Burger- American cheese, geotta, potato cake, sunny side up egg, chipotle mayo.  15

Lentil and Bean Burger- House made vegan patty, lettuce, avocado, chipotle mayo. 12

Sean Evans Hot Ones Burger- Named after our favorite youtube phenom: Ghost pepper cheese, pickled habanero, pickled jalapeños and house-made Secret Aardvark habenero aioli. 13
Optional: Order it Lunatic style: Adds two tiny drips of The Last Dab hot sauce. WARNING: You should not do this. No Refunds. It'll make you and the cooks cry.


Cincy Lentils-  1,2,3, or 4 way (Citybeat's "Best Alternative to Cincinnati Chili")   12

Spaghetti and Meatballs- Our famous meatballs and Toni's tomato sauce.  15

Greek Spaghetti- Our signature dish since 1957: Arnold's garlic sauce, olives, bacon, Romano.    17

Greek Deluxe- Our Signature dish since 1957: Arnold's garlic sauce, onion, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, bacon, Romano cheese.   17


Pork Belly and Waffles- Marty's waffle topped with beer braised pork belly, Ale-8 ginger bacon jam, pickled red onion, pickled apples and fries.  19 Chicken and Waffles 19

Blueberry Chicken- Pan seared chicken finished with a garlic, Brie sauce topped with a blueberry basil compote and pistachios. Served with fingerling potatoes and vegetable of the moment.    19

Salmon- Seared fillet topped with lobster creme sauce. Served with fingerling potatoes and vegetable of the moment.    19


House salad   5
Soup  4
Fries   3
Fingerling potatoes  5
Vegetable of the moment  5


BOTTLES   Ale-8-One 12oz Bottle   3.50 / Abita Root Beer 12oz Bottle  3.00

FOUNTAIN   Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Ale-8-One / Diet Ale-8-One   2.50

BREWED   Coffee / Hot Tea / Iced Tea   2.50